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AR Education

Involvement Bespoke Website Development Augmented Reality

One of our partner agencies briefed us to work with them on an ambitious growth and development initiative for the workforce of a national bank.

This took the form of a series of pop-up gamified events called ‘Skillsville’, where colleagues explore a virtual townscape while learning about the bank’s 10 key ‘skills for the future’. Duality Studio were tasked with the concept, design, and execution of ten skill-themed interactive games.

We designed the games to engage participants in development opportunities across a broad range of skills including Applied Sciences, Leadership, Architecture and Engineering, Cyber Security and Personal Excellence. For the immersive events we set up iPads with our bespoke gaming app. Participants used their device to scan markers placed around the pop-up Skillsville display. This triggered each new activity while tracking progress through each stage, allowing for higher levels of analytics.

Every game had to be completed within a minute, so we based our concepts on familiar favourites such as temple-run and pairs as well as classic maze, puzzle and word games. We used a combination of simple 2D and 3D graphics for touch screen interaction and augmented reality for some of the multiplayer team games. For those who couldn’t attend the events, we created an online version of Skillsville with accessibility features.