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DB Fruits are an independent wholesale supplier with over 70 years in the industry. The problem? Their internal processes to manage their day-to-day business operations was incredible time consuming and out dated, the family run business hadn’t adapted to technology for a very long time!

DB Fruits asked Duality to create a business management system that would cover every single aspect of their process and help their work / life balance. We worked on a bespoke UX design for them factoring in everything required to deliver to their customer and made recommendations on how we could increase their customer satisfaction as well.

The product reduced their workflow across the entire team and eliminated human error. Customers received a more transparent service, paperless invoicing and more timely delivery notices before their produce arrived. We also flagged when they were supporting local and included price fluctuation markers so they could see anything that fluctuated by more than 10% since their last purchase.

All purchasing and billing information was stored in the system meaning instant margin review once the day had finished. The bespoke system has since become a market leader in its field.