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Lettuce ® is an addictive daily music quiz designed for enthusiasts of all ages. In this game, players select their preferred decade and attempt to identify song titles based on their initials. If an answer is incorrect, players receive clues to assist them. Each player is allowed a total of seven attempts to guess correctly.

The game was developed for a newly formed company, 3 Smart Fellas, having already been enjoyed around the dinner table with friends and family. Our team was recommended to assist 3 Smart Fellas in transitioning the physical game into a digital format, through both a website and app.

We collaborated closely with the team at 3 Smart Fellas, led by a creative director who steered the project's direction. We interpreted their designs to craft a user-friendly interface, refining the concept as the project evolved. This dynamic allowed us to adapt to change requests to ensure that we delivered a product that everyone was proud of.

The game also features the ability for players to share their results with their friends and family on social media. The game was completed with the inclusion of detailed statistics, including play streaks and graphical representation of performance.


Thomas and his team have been both a pleasure and a delight to work with. We had zero knowledge of web/app development when we started, and he made the journey seamless for us through our many creative challenges through the process.

Duality’s technical knowledge, attention to detail and professional agility allowed us to navigate what would have been a very difficult process. The end results are quite exceptional, and we look forward to continuing working with them.

Grant Morgan ~ Co-Founder