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Automated Rooming

Event Management

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The Problem

We found that the event teams we work with were continuously repeating the same task and spending a fortune on freelancers dealing with delegate management particularly around hotels and rooming list. It didn’t matter the event size, the manual intervention and countless excel spreadsheets were all the same with too much room for human error.

Sometimes your colleagues don’t know what questions they need to ask which is why we love working closely with our partners so we can identify their efficiency issues and automate it!

The Solution

We created a platform for our partner agency that links with any event registration they do that requires rooming lists and takes out 90% of the manual involvement. We have reduced head count on a typical project by at least 50% all because the system does it for you!

The product allows the event manager to programme in all of the hotels and number of rooms available for an event. During the registration process, certain questions asked will trigger different allocation algorithms and will constantly update a live dashboard of remaining availability. It will automatically room people together based on their selection, and room those that need to be single. In the click of a button, you have a rooming list, in the hotels preferred format ready to go. The system is dynamic and updates automatically with any changes made!

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