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Aquila Forensics


Involvement UX Review Website Design Bespoke Website Development

Aquila Forensics, a London based consultancy practice providing construction dispute, advisory and investigatory services to clients in the UK and abroad, recognised the need to modernise it's online presence and optimise their website. The existing website, though functional, had become outdated in terms of design, user experience, and technological capabilities.

Duality successfully redesigned and rebuilt the company website by gaining insight through analysing the existing analytics on website use and conducting research on their target audience to make educated recommendations on what the purpose of the site would be and what people were looking for.

  • A comprehensive UX redesign focusing on simplicity, clarity and a modern aesthetic
  • Mobile first approach
  • Content optimisation: clear call to actions were implemented to guide users through the desired pathways.
  • Integration and upgrades to modern technologies and frameworks to enhance the websites performance, security and scalability